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East Sussex
United Kingdom

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‘Stop Press’, Fast Charge, the World Record Electric Motorcycle attempt, to use AirBack Brake Technology. Find out more at booth 48.
The Wind in Your Wheels
AirBack is a revolutionary new product, being launched at the show, which enhances the performance of disc braking systems. AirBack provides a ‘green’ solution to both stiction and frictional drag, associated with disc brakes. Some of the benefits of this unique and patented technology include:

  • Eliminates pad glazing
  • Reduces brake pad temperature after braking
  • No need for cross-drilled or slotted brake discs
  • Can integrate with existing vehicle control systems
  • Reduces fuel consumption/enhances vehicle performance
  • Compatible with electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Significantly reduces brake dust
  • Can be used to thaw brake pads in extreme cold conditions
  • Operates using only very minimal electrical load
  • Significantly extends life of brake system components
  • Compliant with vehicle regulations and legislation
  • Environmentally friendly in many ways

By combining direct cooling and friction free/dustless pads (when not in use) Airback provides enhanced vehicle performance and fuel efficiency whilst also improving brake component life.


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