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MaGyc Srl

via Dante 41
21034 Cocquio Trevisago (Va)

Telephone: +39 0332 701775
Fax: +39 0332 702975
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Company Description

MaGyc srl was founded in 2001, with the aim to create and develop high precision measurement techniques for testing and quality control. MaGyc has its origins on a background of technological knowledge grown with the collaborations of leading research institutions and the most innovative European Manufacturing Industries. Thanks to the knowledge and experience in assisting prestigious clients in many branches of Industry, MaGyc offers its ability of Problem Solver to industrial applications in Test and Measurement, with particular experience in industrial environments NDT - Non Destructive Testing.

For the type of applications created, MaGyc has a deep knowledge in data acquisition and in data analysis acquired in industrial environments, by using different methodologies and techniques including non-conventional ones (neural networks, fuzzy logyc, TRIZ, etc.). Systems developed by MaGyc find application in many sectors of industry: Mechanical, Automotive, Packaging, Ceramics, Electronics, Aerospace, Appliances, Plastic, Construction, and many others.

Vibration analysis:
Checking the dynamic characteristics of the product and components, our technology detects the presence of cracks, porosity, incorrect heat treatment, and machining errors. The technique compares the "frequency response" of each product with that relative to a reference one previously acquired. The test cycle takes approximately 0.5 sec. The vibrational technique is used on various brake components (disks, drums, calipers, pads, etc..), on sintered materials, on ceramics, and on castings, forgings, molded materials, etc.

Ultrasound Analysis:
In general ultrasound techniques are used to detect cracks, porosities or flaws that may be present within any artifact. It’s a technique successfully used in thickness measurements, even inside milling machines. Considerable experience has been gained in the C-Scan analysis, used to check mechanical components, in aerospace, in railway industry, and in the verification of electrical contacts. MaGyc has also experience in the use of ultrasound (conventional and phased array) for the control of weldings, brazed, glued, and for the control of joints obtained by Friction Stir Welding (FSW).

Vision Systems:
MaGyc offers multiple solutions of Automatic Vision Systems according to specific requirements of the customer, often by integrating robots, manipulators and other measuring instruments. The proposed solutions are built with proprietary software operating on industrial PC, with real-time analysis of images captured by the matrix or linear cameras, even with the aid of endoscopes when required. In many cases, MaGyc has been able to find solutions for applications where traditional methods do not guarantee sufficient results.


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