Robust Brake Systems, Customer Satisfaction and Warranty Claims

Session Chairs:

Theo Kaster



Thomas Neff

GME Adam Opel AG





Ing. Vincenzo Cusolito



Dr.-Ing. Jaroslaw Grochowicz
Ford Werke GmbH




Yukihiro Shiomi
Toyota Motor Corporation



Dietmar Knoop
Arvin Meritor




Dietrich Golz



Dr. Torsten Treyde





Dr. Heribert Schumacher



The brake industry continues to make a significant effort to develop brake systems for new vehicle platforms in all regions of the world. Safety and brake system robustness are key priorities for the end-user, and it is the role of the industry to ensure customer satisfaction whilst controlling cost and maintaining manufacturing processes with high quality levels.

Brake system specifications must also take into account other aspects such as performance, pedal feel, residual drag, NVH, friction wear, as well as dirt, dust and disc issues. Today’s consumer standards are high, and the industry must develop a clear approach to manufacturing, test procedures and quality control to ensure a positive perception of the industry, and high customer satisfaction.

This session will address important questions such as:

  • Where are we with all these efforts?
  • Are the end customers in the field satisfied with the products and results of these processes for the whole life cycle?
  • What is important for a positive perception of the brake system?
  • What are the main reasons for “Things Gone Wrong” and for warranty claims, and how can we avoid it in future?
  • Do we have the right priorities? Should we shift resources?
  • Could we reduce cost with more focus on end-users than development engineers?

This panel will focus on how consumer satisfaction is assessed, what results can be derived from this assessment, and how the international markets differ. From this, we will be able to develop strategies for specifications that will ensure the future manufacture and distribution of safe, reliable and robust brake systems.

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Tuesday 2 February 2016
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Tuesday 5 April 2016
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Tuesday 19 April 2016
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